provides agarwood oil and agarwood chips that can be used for a variety of needs. Our company has been planting Aquilaria trees that can be harvested to create chips or oil. While we do work to provide agarwood based products for our clients worldwide, we specialize in providing orders for clients in Arabic countries.

Many countries simply harvest oud from a natural environment and use it for many purposes. While this option is just as useful, constantly depleting natural sources will damage the environment and can endanger this species over time.

This is why we have developed a forest of nearly 1 million trees that we harvest for our clients.

Agarwood Benefits

Agarwood is prominent in Arabic culture and has often been revered for its sacred nature.

  • Chips can be steeped to create a tea known for a variety of health benefits. This is often prescribed to help calm the digestive system, particularly in easing constipation symptoms.
  • Some believe that consuming this tea will also rid the body of mercury deposits that can block vitamin absorption and damage the skin. This helps to reduce signs of aging that many find unattractive.
  • The oil from this tree is considered to have healing properties. It has been found to calm the nervous system to provide an air of peace.
  • Agarwood chips are often burned to create incense which creates a peaceful mood and earthy scent. This smell is often considered comforting and a reminder of home for those of Arabic decent that have migrated.

Agarwood has been used by a variety of cultures to create a mood of spiritual enlightenment. It is often worn or burned during meditation because it creates greater cerebral functioning that can allow you to find harmony. This can also help to calm obsessive behavior that can limit your air of calm throughout the day.

Common Problems with Agarwood Providers

Because so many cultures demand this wood for their sacred festivals or health ritual, this wood is in high demand.

Unfortunately, some providers are taking part in less than trustworthy practices to meet this demand.

  • In order to provide an adequate supply of oud chips and oil for demanding customers many providers are depleting forests to keep up with the demand.
  • Many providers also fail to replant the trees after they have harvested them for their supplies. This is eliminating much of the supply of agarwood around the world. This is concerning because this tree can only survive in specific climates such as those found throughout Asia and the Middle East.
  • Because of the limited growing space, many providers are not able to ship their product worldwide, which limits which clients can gain access to this valuable resource.

Unfortunately, not all providers can be trusted.

Because there is such a high demand from this product, many providers create a counterfeit product which consists of agarwood combined with other types of chips that will add bulk to orders but will not provide the health and spiritual benefits that are associated with agar chips.

We Make the Difference! works to avoid these troubles so that you can guarantee that you have a high quality product that you can count on for all of your needs.

  • We work to make sure that all of our products are harvested responsibly. This means making sure that we do not deplete natural resources to provide our chips to the public as well as ensuring that as much of the plant as possible is used during manufacturing to minimize waste.
  • Our oud oil is carefully filtered to ensure the maximum level of purity. This allows our clients to use this oil for aroma therapy, massage oil or as a scent to freshen your home without a concern that it will become overpowering, stain or provide any ill health effects.
  • We are happy to ship our products worldwide so our clients can gain regular access to this product without having to constantly seek out a new supplier whenever you need fresh chips or oil.
  • Our chips are guaranteed to be pure. We do not combine our products with any other type of wood that could limit the effectiveness or your enjoyment of this product.

We work to provide the highest quality oudh and the best possible service for our customers. We offer a guarantee with all of our products and orders to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for each of our clients. is available to fulfill all of your agarwood needs.

We are happy to talk with you to answer any further questions or get you started on your first order. Plus we provide special pricing for repeat customers, which is the perfect incentive to get started with our company.